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So this is what happens when you let animators draw whatever the heck they want. I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHAT THEY SHIP NOW.

This looks like official art because in a sense it is - it’s from an animator doujinshi illustration collection that features art drawn by the animators of Guilty Crown. Only a very limited quantity were ever made available for sale at a comic/doujinshi event and I was lucky enough to be able to nab one off Yahoo! Japan. If I can get my scanner out and hooked up I’ll scan the rest of the illustrations from it; there are a couple of adorable ones of little Shu and Triton, one of Shu and Inori, one of Shu and Hare, and one of… Hare groping Inori’s boobs. This was the only full-color one and it amused the hell out of me for obvious reasons.


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    Obviously because he drugged Gai to gain that position. Look at Gai’s face and tell me that’s not the truth.
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